Junior ROTC Programs in Minnesota

The Junior ROTC programs in Minnesota are uniformed service-oriented programs for high school students operated on the school site and within the high school curriculum. The instructors have extensive military backgrounds. The JROTC programs are nationwide in scope.

Each year the Department of Minnesota ROA, following the lead of the ROA national program, presents an ROA award and certificate to a student-cadet recipient. This award is made on a basis chosen by the program administrators at the high school. The award is normally presented at the high school’s annual awards program in the spring.

The Army has six JROTC programs >

The Navy has two JROTC programs >

The Marine Corps has one JROTC program >

The Air Force has four JROTC programs >

There are a total of 13 JROTC programs at high schools in Minnesota.

The Department conducts annual liaison with the schools and as a Department plans to have a representative participate in presenting the awards during the school’s annual spring awards ceremony.

Another uniformed military program for high school students, but organized off-site from the high school campuses, is the Navy Sea Cadet Program. This national program is open to all students and has a Twin Cities chapter >