Legislative Services
U. S. Congress
The Legislative Services Committee of the Department is responsible to take the lead in formal and informal interaction with Minnesota representatives in Congress on federal issues.

Individual members are encouraged to contact their representative on issues deemed important.
The contacts for the Minnesota delegation to Congress after the recent elections are shown here.The legislative agenda for ROA is shown on the ROA web site under Legislative Affairs.

Each year during the ROA Midwinter Conference the Department representatives attending that Conference schedule a breakfast meeting or a series of office meetings with the representatives of the State. A typical discussion will center around the latest presentation prepared by the Department representatives.

The Department’s efforts at keeping Minnesota’s Congressional delegation informed about the issues is described in the summary article in ROA’s The Officer October 2004.For more information please contact our Director of Legislative Services listed on the Officers link.

State of Minnesota
Issues at the State of Minnesota level are addressed in a similar manner via the contacts below